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Harlem: The fashion friendly guide

"Carole Sabas’s Fashion Insider’s Guides are style obsessives’ go-to travel resources (...). This time around, she’s focusing not on a city, but a neighborhood so steeped in sartorial and artistic legacy, it demands its own standalone volume: Harlem. " -

"Harlem is a stronger brand than Chanel. I think it’s just so poorly marketed. People have one idea about it in their head, but it’s so much richer and more interesting, there’s so much more to talk about,”  says Harlem historian John T. Reddick.

Based on the knowledge of real Harlem insiders (fashion journalists, producers, celebrities, artists, rappers, models, night creatures...), this guide will introduce you to the fascinating Harlem world. Thanks to these generous residents sharing their best tips and adresses, you won't feel like a tourist in Harlem anymore.
Of course, this guide provides a complete round-up of the best addresses for food – world, soul, fusion, healthy... – or music – Jazz! Gospel! Rap!
But also: Where to learn the real Harlem Shake dance?... How to order a bespoke suit from the 90s rappers tailors?... Who are the boxing champions who can train you in the parks?... Where to buy the best African products, the rarest sneaker collectors or gangsta DVDs? Who can teach you to walk like a supermodel? When do artists open their studios?...
Last note: Use our guide, but don't fret to get lost! As advised by one of our insiders: "Tell your readers to walk randomly. The beauty will overwhelm them. In Harlem, you just get to stay on the beat."
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Ali Forney Center, a Harlem-based organization helping the LGBTQ youth.

The Fashion Guides, 2018