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Los Angeles: The fashion friendly guide

Will Los Angeles ever be the same now that the French fashion designer Hedi Slimane has come to stay? Prior to the entrance of the Saint Laurent studio into the city’s cinematic scenery, THAT industry was certainly not the most conspicuous in town. The muses have been forever these delicious ladies of the Canyon, with their wide brimmed hats and billowy dresses. Sexy has long been key, like in sexy Stevie Nicks ( “it keeps you mysterious.”); sexy à la Gidget, proto-surfette, The L.A. fashion ethos has always borrowed from the occult mythology of the Witchy Woman (the historic gypsy Marjorie Cameron in her full goth darkness), to Lindsay Lohan x TMZ. The Hollywood awards are L.A. fashion runways.

It seems that L.A. is less living a fashion Renaissance lately than discovering its underexposed talent. On the hills of Echo Park or Silver Lake (crowned “Hippest Hipster neighborhoods” by Forbes in 2012), pockets of creativity have always been in full blossom, like the purple jacanda. Music, art and fashion collide here. Go west, beyond the famous 405 highway, and you’ll meet biodynamic farmer and supermodel Angela Lindvall in her beloved Santa Monica mountains. Model Erin Wasson has chosen to settle in Venice Beach, where both Porsches and arashi shibori tie-dye workshops are plentiful.

This guide is built on the recommendations, suggestions, tips and little secrets of our many generous fashion friends who’ve settled here. If there is a change recently, it could be this: West and East L.A. have more and more to share as their frontiers fade and high and low merge : you can operate caviar vending machines 24-7, but the coyotes also roam free in the Bel Air streets. California wilderness is for everyone to find inspiration.

As Frank Lloyd Wright once quipped: “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.”
He didn’t mean for the best. We do! 

The Fashion Guides, 2018