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Silicon Valley: A field trip guide

A year of investigation in the Bay Area, where the "wearables" and "soft goods" revolution is quietly happening, that might change the world of fashion forever... The Fashion Guides brings one of its most fascinating tour, here, introducing readers to places and creative minds from San Jose to San Francisco. The Silicon Valley guide includes visits of the tech most famous campuses (Stanford University, Apple, Facebook, Google...), a few secret labs, a bunch of apps, an intro to moonshots and nootropics, directions to the VC's kingdom of Sand Hill Road, cool hangouts in Palo Alto and kooky institutions (Computer History Museum). Of course, we've also collected the insiders best restaurants and wineries, and included a lexicon, to make sure you'll know your POCs (proof of concepts) from your MVPs (minimum viable product).

The Fashion Guides, 2018